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We pride ourselves in providing great customer service and we understand the pressure and stress involved in planning a successful event.  That is why we make renting a photo booth from City Picture Booth an easy process.

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We are proudly locally owned and operated.

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Being a locally owned company, we can better focus on providing the best photo booth service possible. Proudly servicing residents in MA, NH, and RI.
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Choosing a Photo Booth

Not all photo booth companies are created equal.  We’ve been in the business a long time and know the business in an out.  We’ve seen what our competitors have and what makes us unique. Choosing a photo booth can be hard if you’ve never rented one.  There are various types of photo booths on the market.

Types of photo booths

Traditional Photo Booth There are those heavy machines you see at the malls that can only fit a few people and are like 1000 lbs so make sure it can be transported into your venue safely. Open Air There are photo booths that are “open air” which typicaly are not enclosed.  Many of the “Open Air” photo booths are operated by photographers.  They are fun also, but they don’t offer the privacy like the enclosed photo booth.  You and your guest will enjoy an enclosed photo booth more since, it allows your guest to open up more easily since it is enclosed, people are not looking at you making silly faces at the camera. The great thing about open air photo booths are that they are great for branding since, they are not enclosed, they have the ability to use a large backdrop in the background where you can have it custom branded to your business. Modern Day Enclosed Booth There are many types of enclosed booths.  Some are just pipes and drapes that someone wiped together in their garage and look like a makeshift photo booth and some are not safe since they can tip over easily and are not built right.  We at City Picture Booth provide the “Modern Day Enclosed Booth” but our booth is professional built, strong safe, and attractive.  Our booths setup quickly and look attractive to look great as a backdrop in any venue.  We have done over 200 events and have never had a problem. We’ve actually saved a few weddings that hired a photo booth company that couldn’t get the photo booth into the building.  We have also saved a few weddings where another photo booth company had technical problems.  At City Picture Booth, we always bring backup equipment just to be safe.  If its your big wedding day, you need a company you can rely on to make sure everything goes smoothly without a hitch. Our photo booths are always a big hit and will be the life of your party.  We believe this setup is the most fun and our booth can fit up to 10 people easily.  Check our our latest prices